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Many people may not know what the term WiFi refers to, although it is something that has become endemic in today's society. In fact, a variety of devices are now developed with the capability of using this type of technology in order to stay connected. This is especially true of a variety of mobile devices that were never designed to be used as stationary things. Let us tell you more about this topic right now.

This term refers to the technology that uses a mechanism for wirelessly connecting various electronic devices, such as personal computers, smartphones, digital audio players, and video game consoles. These devices, using this technology, can be connected to the internet or a wireless network using what is known as an access point or a hotspot. Typical range for such a hot spot is sixty five feet indoors.

By current numbers, there are over four million of these hotspots world wide, although that number is increasing greatly. In fact, many people would argue that the norm has shifted from wired to wireless as most current computers and devices are meant to be connected wirelessly. This has made it a lot easier for many people to use such devices in a variety of ways.

This is particularly true in the business sphere. Such a hotspot can not only provide an office with an easy connectivity for many different terminals, but can also be used by businesses such as airports, restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, libraries, and schools to provide access to the internet to their patrons or students.

Many such hotspots are provided freely, leading to a greater traffic for the provider. This is especially true of restaurants or coffee shops that have grown from the type of an established that catered specifically to computer-users to something that can be used very casually as there is no need for wiring or complex installation. For this reason, many such devices are being used residentially.

In fact, most houses that have to connect multiple devices to the internet do so wirelessly. It would be difficult and expensive to provide an internet connection to every room of a typical home, let alone to every device. For this reason, most residential routers now incorporate a wireless as well as a wired way of connecting to the internet at a highly approachable price.

In fact, many people are starting to treat connectivity to internet as something that is meant to be provided by governments, such as municipal or state governments. Many towns and in fact some countries are starting to provide what is known as city-wide connectivity networks called Muni-Fi. These places essentially provide free internet for their inhabitants.

The story of the WiFi is the story of the internet's permeation into modern society. Increasingly, connectivity to internet is becoming not only a want, but a need for anyone operating in today's world. For this reason, more and more of the globe is becoming available to be connected and millions of people are daily joining the global internet community, many of them wirelessly.

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